Broken Wings

Originally posted elsewhere ~Nov 2011


Her arms open wide

as though welcoming the world.

She’s always wanted to fly;

always claimed she could.

The surface beneath her feet

Of old wood and steel.

The wind caresses her hair,

She takes a breath and remembers how to feel;

Her eyes grow tired and well up with tears,

Her body worn from all these years,

Her mind no longer fighting all her fears..

She leans forward from the bridge

and she begins to fly,

arms held wide,

If only she’d been allowed to cry.

Into the river she lands

The rapids grip her feet and hands

Piercing screams enter her ears,

as even the river gives something to fear..

Losing someone, Losing you

is all she’s ever known to do..

For once, the tables’ve turned as she wonders..

Will this forever burn?

Inspiration for The Awakening – The Dream That Came Before

This story, and many that I might allow you to read, came to me as a dream. Here I’m going to present to you the very first notes of the story, and my first description of this dream. Please keep in mind that it obviously needs a lot of work, this is a very rough draft and more along the lines of the “brainstorming” first step piece that is involved when creating a story.

I will edit this, and the previous entries over time while I attempt to expand upon and fine-tune the story. Please remember to stop by more than once in case something may have changed.

Originally posted: Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 8:14am

A young woman, appearing to be in her mid to late 20s with light brown, straight hair, hazel eyes and lean body is standing on a ledge, her heart racing at finding herself in such a situation. She’s just outside a very large office window. Co-workers inside trying to coax her back in, the concern in their voices nearly bringing herself to tears. The on-lookers below, though small in number aslo have an air of concern and fear, “don’t do it, it’s not worth it, we still love you” they seem to collectively say, though the exact words never audible.

She jumps off the small ledge. She lands on her feet -a slight pain enters her shins-, but is recoiled backwards and lands laying on her back on the sidewalk pavement.

She wakes a bit some time after. She’s being carried by a young man with sleek, near-black hair, silver eyes and lightly tanned skin. He’s wearing a dark-grey or faded-black band-promoting sweatshirt with a symbol like a jagged or roughly drawn ankh. His name is Sy; short for Sylas and he’s been a long-time friend of hers for many years. Some could even say, they’ve been good friends for ever. He’s rushing through an apartment building, looking for the vacant-looking front doors. He finds one, apartment 6. He opens the door and sees what appears to be a closet-like room and what looks to be a young boy on the top bunk of a bunkbed. There are dark greenish gray vine-like ropes growing in a swirled pattern up the bed posts. He has no time to make sense of the image as the apartment door just next to it, apartment 5 opens and a man with dark hair that forms a U shape around the bald top of his head emerges wearing an apron and waving a rolling pin. “That’s my son, you stay away from him”. So Sylas closes the door and continues to search for a place to stay. He goes back outside to the front of the apartment complex and takes a look at the door buzzer list. There’s only one empty, so he moves on to another building.

He stands in front of the building, There seems to be a deli/butcher shop and above is the apartments. He takes a look at the list; Apartments 4 & 6 seem to be empty. He enters the building and climbs a couple the staircases that are squared at the doorways, staircase to the second floor (actually the third if you count the shop below) and finds that the apartments to this building are set up perfectly with the even numbers right beside each other and the odd on the other side of the crevace.

(The stairs look kind of like a fire escape stair/ladder but line both sides [for example, stairs are on the north and south sides of the inside of the building, while the apartment doors on a squared platform (with banisters and a whole in the center) are on the east and west sides of hte building] lead up to sort of ledges where if you look down, you can see to the bottom floor, in the dream it appeared much higher than 2 floors, but considering the apartment numbers, i think realistically, it should only be the second floor).

He tests apartment door 4, he’s lucky, it’s unlocked. -and seems to already be a mostly furnished cross between a studio and one-bedroom. The biggest rooms being a t.v./entertainment section and a bedroom with a nearly closet-sized bathroom and a tiny hole-in-the-wall nook of a kitchen. He carries her into the apartment and sets her on the bed. He then goes over to the next apartment, #6 also seems to be unlocked. He goes outside and with a marker, very neatly prints names in the buzzer list.

(Aparently these landlords don’t check on their buildings/tenants very often, and if they do, they must not remember which ones do or do not actually have tenents. Though rent was mentioned in the dream later on.. it’s like they start by squatting or something, then later start making payments to the landlord.. who somehow never catches on that they at least started here illegally =/, told you it can be weird in some parts).

She finally wakes, and he seems to have something brewing on the stove, she can smell it. He enters the room again, “Hey, sleeping beauty. How ya doin’, Christal?” She feels stiff, Hungry and soar. She looks at him and lets out a bit of a groan. He hands her a bowl of warm, red-colored liquid. She stares at it with a look of “what is this slop?”.

“it’s blood”, Sy respons, “well and a little tomatoe juice. I got it from the butcher downstairs. I went in to apply for a job, the late afternoon to evening shift, and while i was there I asked if he had any leftover drippings from his meat. Told him that my family back home was very ethnic and loved to use blood in various recipes. He said that i was lucky, he usually tosses the blood on Wednesdays, so today being Tuesday was cutting it close.” She takes a sip, it’s warm and while it tastes a bit extra-irony and tomatoe-y it isn’t totally bad.

“Back home?” she questions.

“I haven’t a clue, i just said it and he believed me, Can you believe it?” Sy continues in a almost a minor rant, “These MODERN humans don’t know a great thing when they see it. Throwing away blood, it’s crazy. It’s better for you than a lot of this other processed crap they serve nowadays.  He says he’ll hold onto the blood for me every week, no matter how much, and let me have it if i stop in every week. I offered, if i get the job, to take a small cut in pay in exchange for the blood. If this works out, it’ll be perfect!”

“Sy, you know i don’t care much for blood.. You sure it’s not a waste?”

“oh i know, but you can’t be draining me all the time. I CAN feel it and I do have my own needs too, girlie.” he laughs and  takes care of her empty bowl. “This’ll have to work for the now, until we can figure something else out” he says while in the little nook of a kitchen.

He then returns to the room and she allows him to take off her rouge-colored t-shirt to inspect the bandages.

“I really don’t understand how, but you managed to pretty badly bruise most of your ribcage without breaking a single bone. Why were you up there?”

“You took me to a doctor?” Chris questions with some concern in her voice.

“No, I checked you out. You know i can’t pass up a chance to see you naked,” he smirks. She looks at him scoldingly “Well I’m glad you don’t have to spend money we don’t have but i reallly don’t think your doctor’s training and methods are still as good nowadays. How long ago was it?”He sighs, “It was at least four decades ago that they canned me, if you have to be reminded.  I’ve got much longer and much more than that under my belt of experetise and I’ve been keeping up with the medical journals and books and stuff from the library and the free internet around town. Your meat-body is safe with me.” He waits for her to answer his other queston. “Why did you do it Christal?”

“I’m honestly not sure, Sy,” she pauses “One moment i’m in Mr. Bricks’ office, the next i’m outside, on the ledge looking for a way out.”

“A way out of what?”

“I don’t know, I just wanted out.”

The sun seems nearly right in front of them in the sky (west facing window?). It must be 5 or 6 in the afternoon. Evening is just starting to call to them.

Sy closes the shade and kisses Chris on the forehead while she rests then leaves.

Morning comes and a knock comes to the door of apartment 4. Christal answers to find a strong-looking young man, jaw-length, bleached-yellowish hair with black tips and dark blue eyes. He’s wearing a fitted black t-shirt and denim jeans.

“Can i help you?” She says.

He reaches out his hand and takes hers in greeting. “My name is Taylor. I’m not sure if you can help me, but i’d like to help you.” There’s a look in his eyes that she recongizes. “Here, come inside” she says and ushers him in.

“How did you find me” She askes.

“Pretty easy” he replies “You’re not very good at being descrete. You were on one of the local news channels with your little stunt. I found i a little out of the ordinary to see your friend scoop up your unconscious body  and run off. I figured there was something odd about the two of you, considering your not being dead or seriously crippled. Anyway, like attracts like, my dear. I wanted to find you and here i am.”

Sy enters Chris’ little apartment his defenses immediately come up upon seeing the stranger sitting with Chris. “Who the hell are you?” he demands.

Chris stands up a swiftly and flinches at the quick tinge of pain it causes her mid-section, “Sylas, this is Taylor, he wants to help us.”

“Help us with what? What in the world could we possibly need help with?” Sylas speaks quickly and again in a loud, demanding tone.

“Survival..” answers Taylor.

“We’re fine, We’re alive and We’ve been managing for many years without you. Get out, Taylor.” Sylas says and shepards Taylor out by placing his body near to his.

“Well that’s a bit rude, don’tcha think?” Taylor mocks and slowly walks toward the exit.

“I don’t care, You’re not welcome here. Get out!” Sy shoves Taylor out slamming the door and locking it behind him.

“What the hell was that for?” Chris says, “he was only going to help us”

Sylas ushers Chris onto the couch and tries to explain his views. “We don’t need help, Chris. He wasn’t going to help us, it’s hard enough providing for the two of us and we’ve been doing it for decades, he could only make it worse. He was going to take from us. Like a leech.”

Chris sighs, “Take from us, or take from you?” She says. “I wasn’t in danger there. That came off as more an ownership thing coming from your end. Was it?”

“Me? You think i’m being territorial?” he shakes his head “With what territory, Chris? We have nothing”.

We  Sy. We. That’s exactly what you were protecting. You’re so comfortable with just us, that you aren’t willing to see what anyone else could offer.”  She goes back into the bedroom “We don’t need anyone else!” She mocks.

He leaves.

The Awakening – Preface(?)

My name’s Christal.

I owe all I know to my grandmother who died when I was 16. No one really knows the truth about how or why she died. At that time the supposed experts had started coming out with their tests and experiments for volunteer vampires.  I’ve always wondered if she volunteered for the experiments in attempts to follow and help her dream, her community’s dream, of understanding and equality to come true. I’ve always wondered if that’s how she died.

My grandmother began teaching me about vampires as soon as I was old enough to read. She had saved every resource and every tidbit of information she’d ever had onto her computer and filed away in her safe.

I began my awakening at 13. I had always wondered if she knew of my latency, if she knew I was a vampire. I suspect she wanted me to be prepared, whether I awakened as a vampire or not, an awakening had begun during her time and I think she was afraid that vampires would not be accepted into society without some sort of fight.

If she only knew then, how bad it would become..

The Awakening – Description

The Awakening is an up-coming story of mine. Also intended as an up-coming post here. This is a rough draft of the description (obviously needs work and not “official” yet).

In a not-so-distant future the world has finally discovered the truth about vampires. A genetic mutation in people has been discovered and linked to those professing vampiric need. As a result,  mass hysteria and world-wide panic has set in.

Our story follows Christal, a young woman hoping to follow her grandmother’s dream of acceptance in a world where people like her have been forced back into the proverbial underground to escape acts of hate, prejudice and intolerance.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and holds no relation to any real  person, place or group.