The Awakening – Preface(?)

My name’s Christal.

I owe all I know to my grandmother who died when I was 16. No one really knows the truth about how or why she died. At that time the supposed experts had started coming out with their tests and experiments for volunteer vampires.  I’ve always wondered if she volunteered for the experiments in attempts to follow and help her dream, her community’s dream, of understanding and equality to come true. I’ve always wondered if that’s how she died.

My grandmother began teaching me about vampires as soon as I was old enough to read. She had saved every resource and every tidbit of information she’d ever had onto her computer and filed away in her safe.

I began my awakening at 13. I had always wondered if she knew of my latency, if she knew I was a vampire. I suspect she wanted me to be prepared, whether I awakened as a vampire or not, an awakening had begun during her time and I think she was afraid that vampires would not be accepted into society without some sort of fight.

If she only knew then, how bad it would become..

2 thoughts on “The Awakening – Preface(?)

  1. lillastarr says:

    i would love to hear more stories about your grandmother… have a way of catching people when they are reading

  2. littlenightside says:

    It’s not MY grandmother. It’s a fictional story that I’m writing.. We’ll see if you get to read more about her as I continue writing..

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