Broken Wings

Originally posted elsewhere ~Nov 2011


Her arms open wide

as though welcoming the world.

She’s always wanted to fly;

always claimed she could.

The surface beneath her feet

Of old wood and steel.

The wind caresses her hair,

She takes a breath and remembers how to feel;

Her eyes grow tired and well up with tears,

Her body worn from all these years,

Her mind no longer fighting all her fears..

She leans forward from the bridge

and she begins to fly,

arms held wide,

If only she’d been allowed to cry.

Into the river she lands

The rapids grip her feet and hands

Piercing screams enter her ears,

as even the river gives something to fear..

Losing someone, Losing you

is all she’s ever known to do..

For once, the tables’ve turned as she wonders..

Will this forever burn?

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