The Awakening – Preface (cont.?)

For more on this story, please take a look at the other links under the “The Awakening” category (preface, description, inspiration – the original draft).


A young woman, appearing to be in her mid to late 20s with light brown, straight hair, hazel eyes and lean body is standing on a ledge, her heart racing at finding herself in such a situation. She’s just outside a very large office window. Co-workers inside trying to coax her back in, the concern in their voices nearly bringing herself to tears. The on-lookers below, though small in number also have an air of concern and fear, “don’t do it, it’s not worth it, we still love you” they seem to collectively say, though the exact words never audible.

She jumps off the small ledge. She lands on her feet and a sharp pain enters the balls of her feet and runs up to the base of her spine. Instantly she is recoiled backwards and lands laying on her back on the sidewalk pavement. She looses consciousness.

Very quickly a young man of around the same age, sporting sleek, near-black hair – appearing bluish in shine, silver eyes and lightly tanned skin scoops her into his arms and runs off. He’s wearing a faded-black sweatshirt with a symbol like a jagged or roughly drawn ankh.

After some time she wakes to find herself in an unfamiliar bedroom of a foreign apartment.  The man notices her subtle movements as she regains consciousness and clarity.
Hey, sleeping beauty. How ya doin’, Christal?” He says and hands her a bowl of thick warm red liquid.
She feels stiff, Hungry and soar. She looks at him and lets out a bit of a groan.  She stares at the liquid.
What in the world are you feeding me, Sylas?”
Sylas laughs, “It’s blood. It’s mixed with a little tomato juice, ’cause there wasn’t much, but it should help you.
..and where exactly did you get this?”
Downstairs. There’s a butcher-shop below us, I applied there to work.  Apparnetly the owner is also the landlord. I told him I needed a job and a place to stay and he agreed. I also mentioned that I come from a very ethnic background, and in return for a slight cut in pay, we can have all of the blood he collects from the meat, every week.


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