Reality of Turning

To begin, the message in-short here is:

  • Some believe turning is possible and some don’t.
  • You can’t be turned by being bitten.
  • There are several cases where “turning” could be used to mislabel one’s perception of what’s really happening
  • There may be at least one theory that could be True Turning.

And especially keep in mind here – If turning is something you’re waiting for then you’re likely going to wait a long time and should probably look for a better hobby and not give up on the rest of your life just yet. It is not worth the risk, and while argued to be possible, it is HIGHLY unlikely to be done successfully if at all.



Is generally defined as the act of changing one individual into the same thing as the parent or original thing. (I.E. a vampire turns a non-vampire INTO another vampire)

Turning is an incredibly controversial topic.


For vampires and werewolves of fantasy and fiction, the most common method of turning is through a bite, for werewolves scratches can also trigger one to turn.

What is it specifically that causes one to turn?

Your answer is as good as mine. Some claim it to be a virus, a venom or poison that causes some sort of infection. This then (as my guess would be) mutates the DNA of the human victim and transforms them into the same species as the “parent” creature.


In nature, there is no such thing. Many species have venom. Many species also cause infection via bacteria or viruses in their saliva (mosquitos and ticks for examples). Some species, like the Komodo Dragon, rely on both venom and bacteria to kill their prey. These methods are for killing prey for food, not to create more of it’s kind.

Some conditions, carried and caused by animals can cause strange thoughts and behavior which may lead to a conclusion of turning. However; there is no actual change.

Examples for conditions that cause such symptoms are (but are not limted to)

is spread by infected saliva that enters the body through a bite or broken skin. The virus travels from the wound to the brain, where it causes swelling, or inflammation.Symptoms may include:

  • Drooling
  • Convulsions
  • Exaggerated sensation at the bite site
  • Excitability
  • Loss of feeling in an area of the body
  • Loss of muscle function
  • Low-grade fever
  • Muscle spasms
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Pain at the site of the bite
  • Restlessness
  • Swallowing difficulty (drinking causes spasms of the voice box)

Rabies is transmitted through biting, and the dementia and aggression of late-stage rabies can make people behave like wild animals.

Mad Cow Disease
symptoms related to the nervous system:

  • Depression
  • Loss of Coordination
  • Dementia

Before the development of modern technology and medicine, the conclusion of turning may have been taken for nearly Any unusual ailment, from infections disease to defects and disorder or any other such disease which may cause a change in physical or mental condition (bleeding from the mouth, disformation of the teeth/gums, changes/deterioration in brain structure and/or function, irrational changes in behavior, etc)

Infectious Disease
After an individual died of disease (Tuberculosis or Flu for example), a relative (who had frequent contact with the deceased while alive) would then develop symptoms of the same disease, and it would be concluded that the previously deceased relative had come back and begun feeding on the sickening individual

Defect or Disorder
Any abnormal appearance of the body might have caused thoughts of turning or possession; birth defects, hypertricosis (excessive body hair), etc.


The point is, there is currently no known animal, substance or organism that can or does change a human’s (or any animal’s) DNA into that of a whole new species, stops the process of aging and causes one to be able to survive off blood alone.

There are a number of cases of animals infecting people either with an ailment intended to kill prey for food or by an involuntary naturally occurring virus or bacteria.

These cases and occurrences in nature are not true turning as it is described in fiction.


There are a number of speculations..

Here are some possible explanations for a perceived “turning”:

  • Awakening; It is commonly believed that Real vampires are born, not made. If one is born, not knowing they are vampire, then later awakens to their vampiric nature, this individual could easily come to the conclusion/belief that they were in some way “turned” into a vampire.
    • Awakenings can also be triggered other vampires, and experiences in life. This could lead one into the belief of a sire in the sense of Turning.
  • Psuedo-Vampirism could be considered turning as one who does not identify the need nor as a vampire develops vampiric need after having been drained to the point that their body must take from outside them-self in order to replenish their energy. Pseudo-Vampirism is temporary but can be mis-interpreted as a turning.


Remember, This is JUST speculation and nothing conclusive.

Some believe turning to be possible when speaking of real vampires following are some theories (speculations and hypotheses):

Damage to energy body
This would only be possible as an energy/soul-related condition (Psychic, maybe Hybrid). This leaves out the possibility of Turning (in this manner) someone into a blood-needing vampire (Sanguinarian).

I believe it would have to involve enough draining of the target to first induce Psuedo-Vampirism and somehow managing to damage the energy body enough so that the system can not naturally return to normal.

This would involve
Extreme draining of the victim (remember, symptoms of severe energy drain are similar to symptoms of severe blood loss), while simultaneously maintaining their energy body and keeping it from collapsing (for want of a better term) and their physical body from dying.

Some believe that an exchange of blood between vampire and non-vampire or a feeding (from non-vampire, OR from vampire, depending on who you ask) of a large quantity (unspecified) of blood would somehow induce Vampirism.

Some also believe in a sort of trigger found in Sanguinarian blood which may “turn” a non-Vampire if they have certain genetic predisposition for it.

This could involve (more information may be needed)
Something within blood or saliva (carried in bodily fluids) that would induce the need for physical blood (or blood component, whatever you believe). What exactly could do this evades me currently, perhaps some sort of virus or disease which would break down blood or blood components, causing one to feel a need/desire to ingest such to replensish their loss.
A studied and confirmed genetic “switch” triggered by (More information needed)

For more on”Genetic Switches”: | |

Metaphysical Constructs (more information needed)
Some claim that through the use of Psionic constructs, one can inhibit or altogether change a person’s energy system. In this way, some believe it is possible to create a Vampiric need for energy in an otherwise/previously healthy indivdiual.

IF the aforementioned methods were to be attempted, whether legitimate turning or not…

My understanding of the physical and the metaphysical body is that they are closely linked. What effects one, often effects the other. To damage the energy body so much as to cripple it could likely traumatize the physical body.

To what extent?

That can’t be said for sure, but equal and opposite reaction (cripple or kill the heart chakra and related organs will be effected, as an example) makes sense to me, and to say it would also cripple the physical counterparts and in turn further stress, cripple or kill the body seems about right.

There is no known difference between a Real Vampire’s blood and that of a non-vampire. Real Vampires are human. Exchanging of blood would have no effect in regards to turning.

Drinking large quantities could not only cause the “feeder” to become ill (if one is not used to blood in any quantity especially) to their stomach, but also the loss of blood could make the individual who is donating become ill and at risk of potentially fatal complications.

ANY exchange of bodily fluids (give and/or take) risks serious disease such as (but not limited to) HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B & C.


**This article is NOT to encourage one to attempt turning or look for being turned. This article is strictly here as mix of information and personal speculation based on (minimum) of 7 years listening/reading the experiences, information and thoughts of others to explain the reality of turning. DO NOT start asking to be turned! DO NOT use this article outside of it’s intended purpose as described.**


(Part B – Otherkin & Therianthropy)

I feel that a majority of my previously composed article also applies to turning in regards to Otherkin & Therianthropy.

For simplicity’s sake, Please understand that in this article, I will be using “Otherkin” as an umbrella term to refer to both self-identifying  Therians and Otherkin. I am not asking everyone to assimilate this usage as part of their vocabulary, but understand that this is how I will use it here.

To Summarize:

In Fantasy
(This includes fictional works, some myth/legend/folklore and other entertainment media)

In fantasy, a turning often occurs when one creature injures a human being and infects the host in some form, which then triggers an, often physical, transformation of species from human to the original parent-creature.

In Nature
(Known & Confirmed reality)

There is NO creature, substance or entity which is capable of changing a born-human (or other animal) into a different species. There are such things as viruses which do attack a host-cell’s DNA, but this happens on a cellular level, does not occur to the effect of creating a new species. (See: ).

There are conditions, illness, defects and other ailments which, at one time, could have been miss-identified as a Turning. This, often, is the source or “grain of truth” in most myth and legends. Unfortunately for proponents of these myths, legends and folklore; A majority of these have since been explained and/or debunked by modern technologies (of Science and Medicine).

Otherkin are, physically, human. For this reason, there is no evidence to suggest any human, biting or scratching another human, would have the ability to turn a human into something nonhuman.


Therian & Otherkin Turning
As proposed in my previous article there may be a few cases where one who is, or is not, already Otherkin could mis-identify their experience as a turning.

Below are are some of these such possible explanations:

  • Awakening; It is commonly believed that Otherkin are born, not made. If one is born, not already understanding that they are different, then later in life come to recognize, or “discover”, their non-human identity (which may or may not include related characteristics and/or behaviors) this individual could possibly come to the conclusion/belief that they were in some way “turned” into whatever creature they find they identify as.
    • Awakenings can also be triggered by interaction with like-kin and awoken/aware individuals. It is also believed that a traumatic event in life, could possibly trigger an awakening. Any of these could lead one into the belief of a sire in the sense of Turning.
    • Many Otherkin do not experience an awakening of any sort.
  • Sympathetic “Pains”, Auto-Mimicry and Mirroring – The mind is a powerful thing. Many people will find, without explanation, that if they are around certain other individuals for any length of time (often, but always longer periods and/or at regular/repeated intervals) they will seem to develop likenesses.
    This is, while it can be at-will (often children will mimic their parents, on purpose, during play and later integrate such behaviors into regular behaviors), but this can also appear involuntary or subconscious. This can also happen without direct-interactions. A person with a strong affinity for a mythological creature or animal, could also develop, in this way, perceived characteristics (whether they simply be personified/symbolic traits, or actual traits of the creature/animal) associated with such.

    • Whether it be like sympathy pains, a case of true empathy or this similar voluntary/involuntary mimicry and mirroring; This occurrence could lead a non-Otherkin into the belief that they have become an Otherkin.

  • Clinical Lycanthropy is a psychological condition in which a person experiences delusions and hallucinations leading one into the belief that they can physically become a non-human animal. Lycanthropy, although the word focuses on wolf-experiences – lycos – wolf, anthorpos – man –, it is not limited to wolves alone.  


Arguments & Proposals for Turning
Some believe that turning is possible.

Listed below are some proposed methods of turning, and arguments as to why it could be real.

Psychological Otherkin/Therians

  • It is possible, for a traumatic, or similar event, to subconsciously trigger the creation of a, previously absent, identity. Unfortunately this is not a true turning as it is not likely the result of one Therian or Otherkin creating another.

Multiples – Walk-Ins

  • It is believed that at any time, one soul can enter and co-inhabit a body which already hosts a primary soul. This does sound similar to possession, but unlike the typical understanding of possessions, this does not always, nor does it have to involve, an eviction of the primary/original/host soul. This however, is also not true turning, as it is a separate individual (the entering/invading soul) that could identify as non-human, thus not actually changing the host/primary.

  • Some believe in the ability to fuse or otherwise consume Walk-Ins. Some believe that in consuming or fusing with these other entities, the process in-turn grants the individual, memories, sensations and other individual experiences that the previous entity may have experienced (up until the point it was consumed). This also may not be considered true turning because it does not actually change the Primary/Original entity into they same type of entity/species/creature as the consumed type of entity/species/creature but only allows the original access to, and deep understanding of the existence of the consumed/destroyed entity; However, some claim/believe that this actually can change the original/host into a the species/creature/type of entity that the other entity was… 



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