I go by the name Amelia. I’ve been looking for a place to put my writing works (Poems, stories, etc), Hopefully this place proves to be that place.

Feel free to offer advice and/or constructive criticism.

As a forewarning, I am part of the greater Online (real) Vampire  and Otherkin/Therian Communities, some of my entries may relate to issues within those identity groups and subcultures.

I have published and hope to continue publishing a variety of pieces here. Everything from opinion-based brain storms, psycho-babble and what-not to creative writing – poems and stories, and some more educational/informational bits.

Neither my page, nor myself are open for ridicule and disrespect.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. devinproctor says:

    Hi Amelia!

    I’m Devin, the guy behind “anthropolojamz” who you just reblogged. I’m also an anthropologist currently writing a doctoral dissertation that concerns the Otherkin community. Your name is familiar to me, as I think we are in a few Otherkin FB groups together (though I do not identify as kin myself). Also, your “General Lexicon” has made the FB rounds and I will admit that I have found it very useful. Is it possible we’ve crossed paths and I’m just not remembering?

    Anthropolojamz is really just a place for me to take notes for my own research, but I’m happy if you found it useful, kind of like I’m returning the favor. There are a few other posts relating to academic pieces about the community (I’ve read all of them) under the “Otherkin” category in the blog, if you’re interested.

    At any rate, thanks for the reblog, and feel free to read more! Or if you are interested in the academic study of the community, ask any questions you’ve got…


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